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Laser Dentistry

Why ezlase laser treatment?

Trident Cosmetic and Family Dentistry offers ezlase treatment to improve your comfort and provide better results from your dental procedures. Ezlase Laser Dentistry is an emerging standard in dentistry, enabled by the soft-tissue ezlase systems from Biolase. You will experience Ezlase Dentistry as more comfortable, convenient and less invasive. With many procedures it's possible to use less anesthetic, and in some cases, no anesthetic.

How Does Ezlase Work?

The ezlase is one of the most advanced dental instruments made today. Ezlase creates special highly concentrated light energy, and sends it through an optical fiber to its handpiece. Your dentist uses the handpiece to aim the laser energy at precisely the areas to be treated.

The laser energy used by the Ezlase was developed specifically to treat gum and other soft tissue in the mouth safely and comfortably.

What Can the Ezlase laser do?

Treat or Prevent Periodontal Disease!

The laser is highly effective at killing bacteria and may even stimulate gum tissue growth.

Improve Your Smile, GOOD BYE 'GUMMY SMILE'

We can reshape your gums to improve the appearance of your smile by removing excess gum tissues(Free Gingiva) that gives you "Gummy Smile" or make your teeth appear irregular in size or shape.

Remove Oral Growths!

We can remove growths or excess tissue in your mouth such as gum tissue over an unerrupted or partially erupted wisdom teeth, fibromas, amalgum tatoo and others.

Remove lingual or facial frenum

Connections (frenums) that restrict the movement of your tongue or lips can cause your gums to recede can be removed with the laser.

Relieve or ease the Pain of Cold Sores , ulcer and sensitive teeth

The laser often provides immediate relief from painful cold sores, aphtus ulcers and even sensitive teeth.

TMJ treatment

Ezlase has received FDA approval for the treatment of low level muscle and joint pain.

Laser Whitening

Reduced whitening time , sensitivity compared to other in office systems. Comparable or better results to other in office whitening systems