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Digital Smile Design


Digital Smile Design

At Trident Dentistry, we’re committed to leveraging the latest innovations to help us transform your smile more efficiently and successfully. As such, we’re proud to offer our Culver City patients access to Digital Smile Design – a revolutionary approach to treatment planning that allows you to visualize and customize your beautiful new smile, before we perform a single procedure.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design elevates treatment planning to an art form. It allows our team to work with you to design the brand new smile of your dreams, one that is not only objectively beautiful and functional, but also perfectly complements your other facial features and personality. This powerful tool gives you more control over the outcome of your cosmetic dental treatment, so you can be assured that you’re investing in the ideal smile you’ve always wanted.

Our dental professionals and Beverly Hills patients alike love using Digital Smile Design to create impeccable smiles, because of the host of incredible benefits it delivers, including:

  • Enhanced patient satisfaction. Because you know what your results will look like before we perform the treatment, there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll be thrilled with the outcome.
  • Customized smile. With this treatment approach, no two smiles are alike, and you’ll walk out of our offices with a completely customized and 100% unique appearance.
  • Natural results. Digital Smile Design ensures that your final outcome is exceptionally natural and works in harmony with your other facial features and characteristics.
  • Personalized treatment experience. Digital Smile Design allows you to easily customize your smile and test a variety of designs before selecting the one you like best.

Makeover your smile with Digital Smile Design

At Trident Dentistry, Digital Smile Design is an integral part of the planning process for cosmetic dental treatments.  To begin, we will examine your mouth and facial appearance as a whole, taking into account aesthetics, symmetry, the position of your teeth and how your teeth relate to the rest of your features. From there, we will take a number of photos and videos inside and outside your mouth.

We will then use all of these images to digitally design your ideal smile, lengthening the teeth, adjusting the proportions, brightening the surface and ensuring that your teeth match your personality and enhance your looks in a natural way. In digitally adjusting your appearance in this way, you are able to visualize and analyze exactly what you’ll look like once your cosmetic dental treatment is complete.

You will be very involved throughout this entire process, to ensure our design perfectly fits the vision you have for your new smile. Once we have your final approval on the design, it will serve as the foundation for your customized treatment plan.


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